Gifts For Him this Valentine’s Day

gifts for him valentine's day gift subscriptionsMen are tricky creatures to buy for. You buy them something they’ve been hinting at for months, only to discover that they’ve already bought it for themselves, on the sly in the sales.

Or, you take a gamble, spend a lot of time and effort either choosing a gift or even making it yourself, only for it to be sent down to the charity shop in the next clear out.

The beauty of magazine subscriptions is that they take the guessing element away from gift buying at Valentine’s Day.  It’s safe to say that you already have a pretty good idea of what they’re interested in or what kind of man they are: sporty, techie, a fantastic cook or a talented musician. You’ll therefore be able to search by category on the Mag Group site and you can sort by ‘lowest price’ (and I mean low, some subscriptions start at just £1).

We’ve now made it even easier with our Valentine’s Day Gift Selector. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be presented with a selection of magazines that are a perfect match for your man.

If you need some inspiration to get you started, here are my top picks:

For fitness fanatics:

Men’s Health – 11 issues for under 25 quid.  That’s 48% off

You can even try before you buy, using our digital flick through. If you like what you see, it’s a steal, considering the usual price is almost £50.

For Foodies:

Sainsbury’s magazine 12 for £20. That’s 23% off

This has the extra advantage of being cooked decent dinners on a regular basis.  When you think that going out for a meal on Valentine’s Day is going to be more like £50, investing in a cookery magazine subscription will save you a small fortune in restaurant bills throughout the year.

For techies:

Wired 12 issues for £24. That’s half price!

Covers everything from new iPhone apps to sports cars, DVDs and the latest internet events.

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