Heat Magazine Special Feature: Jennifer Aniston topless in new movie

Jennifer Aniston ToplessHeat magazine exclusives don’t get much better than this. Now I’m not your usual demographic for Heat, but when I heard on the grapevine that Jennifer Anniston was going to go topless in her next movie, Wanderlust, I knew that the best place to find out more was Heat magazine.

So what does Heat have to say about it?

“In Wanderlust Jen plays a woman who goes to live in a hippie commune, and in the process sleeps with a ton of blokes, takes a ton of drugs and has a threesome with two girlfriends. Miss Aniston will also go topless for the first time ever (well in public anyway).”

The more cynical of bloggers are saying it’s an attempt to revive her flagging career, I just say it’s about time!

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