My favourite pancake fillings for Pancake Day

Delicious MagazineIt’s that time of year again already… Pancake Day! It always seems to creep up on me – I’m usually reminded, quite suddenly, by the ready-made pancakes and toppings shown on supermarket shelves. Although I’m never tempted by the ready-made pancakes – making your own is so much more fun!

If you do have a go at making your own pancakes, there are loads of ideas out there for you to try. My favourite used to be the traditional lemon and sugar; freshly squeezed bitter lemon juice contrasted with crunchy sprinkled sugar. But as of the last few years, I’ve been trying more chocolate related fillings. My favourite being Nutella, spread thickly, or even better: crumble up a chocolate bar and slice a banana, the perfect combination. Anyone looking at these suggestions and thinking these are way too sickly, can try a chunky jam – just enough sweetness with fruity pieces.

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