£30 off annual Gourmet Society membership + FREE hotel stay for every Mag Group customer!

Subscribe to anything on Magazine Subscriptions at the moment and you can get a Gourmet Society card for just £39.95, that’s £30 off! Gourmet Society Members enjoy 2 for 1 meals, 50% off food or 25% off food AND drinks at over 5,500 restaurants, so this is bargainous. You only really have to go for a couple of meals to make your money back, and after that, you’re saving a heap every time you dine out.

What’s more, you also get a hotel stay at any of these places, absolutely FREE! You can choose from a wide range of 100 fantastic 3 and 4-star hotels in the UK and Ireland. Just don’t forget to bring your mag so that you have something to read on the train!

And it’s not just Gourmet Society discounts that we’re offering with your magazine subscription. Oh no! We’ve got 10% off I Want One Of Those, and £40 off Naked Wines.

For more info and terms and conditions, click here.

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