Computer Magazine Subscriptions for £1 or Less

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Having trouble with your PC? Or looking to buy that upgrade you’ve been after? Pick yourself up a subscription to a computer magazine and make your life with computers whole lost easier! Whether PC or Mac user, our range of Computer mags will have all you need to get you up to speed with what happening in the world of computing.

We’re offering 4 different subscriptions to Computer magazines for less than £1 each. Choose from the special offers below to read more information.

Subscribe to PC Pro for £1 for 3 issues (and get a FREE TOOLKIT with your purchase)

PC Pro is the UK’s biggest selling PC monthly magazine and your source of professional IT news, reviews and tests. With every issue of the DVD edition you’ll get free software applications and exclusive content!

Subscribe to Computeractive for 3 pence for 3 issues

Computeractive is the UK’s best-selling home PC magazine, designed to help you enjoy your computing and home technology hassle free. Each issue is packed with step-by-step guides, technology news, reviews and plenty of free downloads. You’ll get straightforward, expert, plain-English advice on everything from preventing your PC from crashing to buying computer accessories and installing software.

Subscribe to Computer Shopper for £1 for 3 issues

Computer Shopper gives you independent buying advice, hundreds of product reviews and all the hints and tips a PC owner needs. The DVD cover disc on every issue contains bonus full software and games, plus video content and a photo library.

Subscribe to MacUser for £1 for 3 issues (and get a FREE MAGBOOK with your purchase)

MacUser is your indispensable guide to choosing and using the latest Mac hardware and software. Every fortnightly issue is packed with the latest Mac news with expert comment, a comprehensive buyer’s guide, extensive reviews, world exclusives and practical guides to getting the best out of your Mac.

If none of the above are for you, why not check out our range of computer magazine subscriptions available on our site to see if you can find something more suitable.

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